Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tree planting is where I have been.

I can't believe I haven't posted since April. Geeze. We've been tree planting around here! Here are my sons and I getting dirty.
I've been dabbling in the world of Raw eats. Trying out some recipes. Seeing if I would consider converting from vegan to Raw vegan. Well, it's soooo tempting. There are alot of good raw treats out there. The only pic I've taken so far is this chocolate pudding. The recipe is at The Raw Goddess's blog. I was skeptical about making it as the main ingredient is avocado....but AWESOME! It was rich, and thick, and just plain yummy. The pic does not do it justice. I thought of taking the pic after I had dug in. ha ha

As well as eating raw goodies, we've been doing a bit of gardening. I've got our herbs in pots so far. We've still had a bit of frost some mornings, so I haven't put anything (except the kale and beets) outside yet. The kale and beets we started from seeds. The herbs I bought already started.

For mother's day the kids and I made some fruit bouquets. I got the idea from Rawdorable's blog as she got a bouquet of fruit for her birthday. It was not hard to make and we'll definately do that again!


Veggie said...

I've tried that avocado raw chocolate pudding, it's really good, eh.

I would love to get more into raw foods but, I can't seem to get used to eating only raw food.

Ana said...

I love your blog! So much great info and links. As an EcoBroker/Vegan/Artist/Self-Sustaining mother of 3 boys, I can say you are truly an inspiration.