Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bye Bye Seasonal Produce

With the exception of the produce that I've frozen away in my freezer I will be saying goodbye to the following produce until its next season:

Lettuce......after eating a salad each night this past summer it won't be hard to go without this one for the next couple of months. However I am usually guilty of buying organic romaine once in awhile during the winter months.

Strawberries.......this isn't hard because the containers that are shipped in from California during the winter months don't even SMELL like real strawberrries.....they are tasteless. A waste of money in my opinion. If I crave strawberries for my daily smoothie, I will buy the odd bag of frozen strawberries. They are a bit better then the fresh ones....but not much better. know, I can not remember the last time I bought a tomato in the grocery store? It has to be years! I get mine all summer long from the farmers markets and we just do without throughout the winter. I guess we get our fix of tomato cravings from tomato sauce.

Grapes.....once the stores stop selling the USA grapes and start selling the south american ones, I quit buying grapes until next summer.

Watermelon.......I don't recall ever seeing a watermelon for sale in the middle of February in my city anyways.

Peaches, nectarines, plums, pears......we buy and eat large quantities of these fruit while in season so we don't miss them during the winter.

Besides the obvious distance out of season produce has to travel to get to us we stopped buying the above produce during the winter because the stuff just doesn't taste good! When you get spoiled by eating it fresh and at its juiciest - why settle for anything less???!!


sheila said...

What a gem of a website! I just found you for the first time! You are everything I've ever dreamed I should be. I will enjoy coming back and learning something!!!!

Theresa said...

With our last CSA delivery about two weeks ago, we also said goodbye to some delicious seasonal stuff. I can't believe how delicious carrots from the garden are compared to even the organic carrots at the grocery store. I will definitely have to grow more of these next year, and store some of the ones from the CSA rather than just eating them all right away!

Vegan Librarian said...

I completely agree! It's hard to avoid getting greens, but I like kale and cooked greens during the winter and like you, I eat so much salad during the summer I'm ok with waiting for the fresh fruits and veggies! Winter and fall are the best times to prepare the garden for NEXT year!