Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year - Fresh Start

Hey - hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! We did - I'll be posting another day on some of the eco gifts I received!

Every year over the holidays I 'spring clean' my house. Obviously it is no where near spring here in Northern Ontario but I like to start out every year in an organized & clean house. So far we've been living in small quarters so it has never been a huge ordeal - about one or two days worth. I clean out closets, drawers - you name it. The basement is always the biggest task. Most stuff goes to goodwill but some does end up in the landfill. For the CLEAN part I use good ol' fashioned vinegar and baking soda. What you see above is my staples. The spray bottle is half vinegar/half water with a few drops of tea tree oil. I use that as my all purpose cleaner. Currently for dishes I am using Ecover - it is nice but in the past I have used a canadian brand Nature Clean that I will likely go back to using when the Ecover is finished. For my floors I use hot water with a big douse of vinegar and lavender essential oil. Baking soda with a bit of Ecover is used to scour my sinks and tub.

For our bathroom I use Nature Clean Toliet cleaner. It seems to work well enough but with any all natural cleaner it seems I have to clean the toliet more often then not. I was using Method as my all purpose bathroom cleaner but when it was finished I just filled up the bottle with the half vinegar/half water with essential oil concoction. The tub gets cleaned with the above mentioned baking soda/dish soap paste.

There you have it - a clean house with no toxic chemicals or fumes lingering around! This keeps our indoor air quality clean and most importantly I am not flushing down toxic waste into our precious waterways!


dabomb said...

How cool...a fellow Canadian. I've used up most of my mainstream house cleaners and am using vinegar, baking soda, etc. as well. I use borax to clean my toliet, floors and bathtub. Works great. My husband prefers Comet and the battle continues.

Theresa said...

Hooray for Nature Clean! I really like their products and I can get most of them at the local Sobey's store now. I also use baking soda and vinegar, which are excellent for so many things.

Also, I was tipped off by another blogger ("Everything Turns Up BP") a while ago that Arm and Hammer baking soda is tested on animals, so I've switched to another brand of baking soda these days.

Theresa said...

I see you are from Edmonton too, dabomb - cool! I will have to try borax for cleaning the toilet and tub - those seem to be the toughest things to clean with natural cleaners.

Hippie Girl said...

wow - i will definately not be buying arm & hammer baking soda any more!!

Veggie said...

I use baking soda and vinegar most of the time now.

Thanks dabomb for the borax idea, sometimes I need something a little stronger for the toilet.

How can we tell which brands of baking soda are tested on animals?
What brands are good?

Anardana said...

I only use natural stuff too :)