Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diet Sweenteners can cause Obesity, Depression, Brain Damage

Okay, so we haven't left yet for our vacation! But soon - so very soon - YAY! In the meantime I've been reading about the scary realities of MSG and Aspartame! Crazy, scary shit I tell you! I am HORRIFIED to learn that that DAMN MSG is in just about every thing! Even the freakin' ketchup my kids consume!

This news can't be startling to anyone can it??? I think everyone has always known that anything artifical isn't good for us, and sooner or later, its going to creep up on us. Take me for example, now every time I drink a diet pop I break out in rash. It took approx. 15 years for that crap to accumulate in my system and tell me it's time to say bye-bye to it!

Read for yourselves the dangers of MSG and Aspartame:

Read Healthy Cookie's views on MSG too.
Happy researching!


Anonymous said...

Oh -- this stuff makes me raving mad! and the amount of people who know about this and "don't care" is as annoying as people who still smoke with their kids on the car! Ugh!

I have never used diet sweetners, that is one thing my dad taught me "way back when" (like in 1985 when I was in Elementary School). convincing other people of the same is just insanly difficult.

Thanks for the great post!

Have a fantastic vacation! I am green with envy over here in the cold! :)


Veggie said...

Thanks for posting this, I am so against this stuff. It makes me so angry that they now put aspartame in medicines and other food products that you would never expect to see them in.

Fibre one cereal has Splenda in it.