Monday, March 31, 2008

Does maple syrup REALLY come out of our taps here in Canada????

In the springtime we probably could rig it up somehow to have the syrup coming out of our taps - I'm sure anything is possible in todays age. ha ha We've got several places we can buy local maple syrup from.
For breakfast on Saturday we went to what we call the 'sugar bush'. A local family has been tapping trees on their land for 80 years and selling the syrup. They also run a pancake establishment there that is open for 4-6 weeks each spring while the syrup is running. So each spring we go for some pancakes and pick up a BIG jug of syrup. (In hindsight I should have taken pictures of the area for you) You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you we go thru TWO of these 4 litre jugs each year. We just don't use it for pancakes though. Dreena Burton's cookbooks use maple syrup to replace most of the refined most of my syrup is used in my baking. Another use I have for maple syrup is in my morning java. Instead of refined white sugar I put a big ol' heaping spoonful of maple syrup into my mug. (hint hint chile chews) A pretty good local alternative I must say.
Another treat I came home with from the sugar bush was some lip balm - in, of course, maple flavour - all natural - good for my lips and senses!
Soooooo we may not be able to grow bananas or mangoes up here in Canada - but we sure do have backdoor access to the best maple syrup on the planet!!

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Chile said...

Ewww! I love maple syrup, but I'm not crazy about it in coffee. And you really don't want to hear that I don't even buy real maple syrup (outta the budget!). I make mine with sugar (ha), water, and maple flavoring. If I lived in Canada, I'd probably buy the real stuff...