Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just say "NO" to Roses this Valentine's Day!

I had access to flowers all summer long from my grandmothers garden.....starting with lilacs, then chives, then peonys, then roses, etc. It was nice to have some pretty colours in my house at all times. Why would I get flowers from a florist when I had that kind of access? Unfortnately winters are long here in Canada and there isn't too much growing under the layers and layers of SNOW! So its always been exciting to get an embarassing display of flowers for Valentines Day. However, I had NO clue that florists got their flowers from countries such as Ecuador and Columbia with questionable practices at best. So I am saying NO to flowers this V-Day unless they are organic and/or locally grown.

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Chile said...

No problem! I can't stand roses actually. The heavily scented ones nauseate me.

I don't like diamonds either. My sweetie's lucky; I'm a cheap date. ;-)

I'd like to also note that I think part of my dislike of both roses and diamonds stems from knowing what goes into getting them into our hot little hands. Not nice stuff in either case generally.