Monday, February 18, 2008

Re-using rather then throwing away

My Dad is the king of reusing materials for household projects. Just recently he reused some old panelling to fix things up under their kitchen sink. The other day he came over and brought these pink plastic containers with him. (I think the containers were veggie trays from the supermarket) He was grinning ear to ear and told me he just couldn't throw these out thinking I might have some use for them. Cheaky guy!! So to show him I found some good use for them. We used them to contain the kids markers. I reused some tin cans (instead of recycling them) and we put all the markers into these cans and then placed the cans into the circle slots. Perfecto! Now whenever the kids want to do some crafts or colouring, I just pull out the 'flower' container and they have all these markers at their disposal. The second 'flower' container we used to make ice sculptures. We filled each 'petal' with water and food colouring and left it outside to freeze. Once frozen we popped out the sections and left our 'flower' sculptures on the front step for decoration.

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Hazel Nut said...

Hi hippie girl: I was reading your blog (found it through Chile) and what you said about putting the plastic tray OUTSIDE to freeze caught my eye. So I checked out out your profile and wasn't surprised to see you are from Canada. Me too, London Ontario to be exact. Where do you hail from?