Friday, November 16, 2007

Pucker Up Baby - lipbalm review

A girl needs lots of lip balms for those smooooooocy moments in her life. I personally keep one in my purse, my car, my bathroom, and of course, my bedroom. From the left:
Eco Lips in berry flavour. Love the consistency of this one.....the taste.....everything.
Badger Lip Balm. Another one with a good smooth consistency.....good orangey flavour.
Peacemaker Eco balm - good consistency, terrible, terrible flavour. It tastes like rancid oil. It is a mint one.
Alba lip the flavours I've tried so far...coconut, pineapple quench etc. However, the consistency isn't the greatest. It causes my lips to flake.
And lastly for those cold sore issues: a traditional herbal medicine - Korners Cold Sore Remedy.


loving green said...

Great Reviews!!!
I like the burt's bee lipbalms, especially the ones with a tint of color!

Hippie Girl said...

I just bought a kit of burt's bees lip shimmers. (came with three colours) I'll let everyone know how they work out.