Saturday, November 10, 2007

A weekend meal

Weekends around here can be both hectic with errands and lazy at the same agenda and no meal planning. On week days I make every meal from scratch with whole ingredients. Soooo, on wknds I like to take a break and keep it simple. An example of a simple meal is burgers. I have tried them all! And as most of you will know, some meatless burgers are cacka, some are so-so, and some are fantastic. In my tastebuds opinion Amy's are the best of the bunch. To accompany this burger I usually make some potatoe spuds and a large salad. I put every topping imaginable on my burgers.....condiments, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, and sprouts to name a few. And speaking of sprouts, in a previous post I mentioned how I was sprouting. Since then I've read online somewhere that growing wheatgrass indoors makes it susceptible to mold. I've never seen any on mine, but it still makes me leery. Soooo, I'm continuing to grow sprouts, just NOT wheatgrass. I'll leave my wheatgrass on our table top as a decoration. Until its spring and I can grow wheatgrass outside, I'll stick to buying frozen wheatgrass juice as pictured below.


Veggie said...

I haven't tried to grow wheatgrass yet, did you grow it outside in the summer? I'd like to try doing that.
I buy that same wheatgrass juice.

Hippie Girl said...

No, I didn't grow it outside last summer. I'm going to try to next summer! How often do you take the wheatgrass? I was taking one cube every day but it's fairly pricy so I decided to only take it on the days that I don't eat so well. ha ha

Veggie said...

I started out taking one everyday, but now I just take a couple when I remember. Sometimes I make green smoothies and I don't take any on those days. The price is certainly a consideration as well.